How you can help

Act as a resource for other alumni and current Joint Program students

One of the activities that the Alumni Association sees for its membership is to provide advice to other alumni and students. Because we are very diverse in geography, career path, and discipline, we represent a powerful network of information for each other and for current students. For those considering a career move, branching into new areas of science, or even adapting a new analytical technique, the experience of others could be a great asset. Thus, please provide information when requested from your Joint Program “family”.

Volunteer for career forums at WHOI and at MIT

There are increasingly diverse career paths that alumni have pursued, ranging from jobs at large and small academic institutions to working in industry, government, and NGOs. The Academic Programs Office periodically organizes career forums to assist WHOI postdocs and students as they consider their next career step, and ask alumni to come and speak. If you think you or another alumnus have a particularly interesting insight, then consider volunteering to participate in one of these forums. Alternatively, if you are invited to speak, please do your best to participate. Chances are, you have a lot to offer.

Become an active member of the Alumni Association Committee (AAC)

Because the Committee seeks to include representatives from different disciplines and different “eras” of the Joint Program, we have periodic elections. Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague! Membership on the AAC is a great chance to give a little something back to the Joint Program that was so important in shaping all of our careers, and it is the sort of thing where your degree of involvement is really up to you. It is also a good way to keep up to date with what is happening with your fellow graduates and the Joint Program. We "meet" twice a year, but many of the members (especially those living afar) now participate by teleconference or videoconference, whereas those who live in the Woods Hole/Cambridge region try to be physically present. Our activities are focused primarily on networking the alumni and current students and in helping to improve the Joint Program by offering sage advice where appropriate. Please consider getting involved.


We have recently been notified that WHOI has been added to the Canada Revenue Agency list of qualified donees that are eligible to issue donation receipts to Canadian taxpayers.

Joint Program General Unrestricted Fund
This general-use fund offers the WHOI Academic Programs Office the most flexibility in meeting the various needs of the Joint Program including funds for student tuition and stipend, health insurance, student cruises, career enhancement activities, etc.

Next Wave Fund
This new fund was created specifically to help support the stipends of first-year students in the Joint Program ensuring them the freedom to try different research topics and evaluate potential sponsors.

A.L. “Jake” Peirson III Student Opportunity Fund
The Peirson Student Opportunity Fund provides flexible funding to support graduate student needs such as travel to scientific meetings and workshops, travel to research cruises or field programs, use of special facilities, and small equipment purchases for thesis research.

John W. Farrington Reference Collection Fund
Upon the retirement of WHOI Dean John Farrington (1990-2005), the Joint Program students set up a fund for a reference collection in the WHOI Student Center. Donations to this fund will ensure continued additions to this collection.

To donate to the WHOI-managed funds listed above, click here.

The MIT Joint Program Alumni Gifts Fund
This fund, administered by the MIT Alumni Office, is accessible now to anyone wishing to make a contribution. Gifts can be made by check to MIT account #2537800 or online (see instructions below). Because of its flexibility, the fund could be used to support almost any kind of special event, to fund special student activities, or even to supplement other existing Alumni Funds.

Potential donors who have never given before should first create an account. After creating an account, donors can go directly to the MIT Joint Program Alumni Gifts Fund, and click on "Give Now." The donor can then determine the size of the gift and see other choices available, such as making the gift a multi-year pledge.

The MIT/WHOI Joint Program is fund #2537800 listed on the MIT Giving website.  Click on the Give to MIT button on the MIT homepage or go to, then click on the link "Ways to Give."  Scroll down to the info bar where a fund name or number can be typed in (next to the search button under Giving Opportunities).  Type in the MIT/WHOI fund number and choose Search.  This will bring up the fund and allow it to be added to your gift form.