Sigman, Daniel


Full Name: Dr. Daniel M. Sigman
Employer: Princeton University
Current Position: Professor
Work Phone: 609-258-2194
Willing to be contacted?: Yes

Work Address

Princeton University
Department of Geosciences
M52 Guyot Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544

Joint Program Information

Joint Program Discipline: MGG
Thesis Title: The Role of Biological Production of Pleistocene Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Variations and the Nitrogen Isotope Dynamics of the Southern Ocean

Professional Information

Professional Website:
Research Statement/Interests: Sigman studies the cycles of biologically important elements and their interaction with changing environmental conditions through the course of Earth history. His current research activities include the development of stable isotope methods by which to track the marine nitrogen cycle, today and in the past, and the construction of simple geochemical models for paleoceanographic and Earth history studies. Much of his work to date has focused on the oscillation between ice ages and interglacial periods which has dominated Earth's climate for the last two million years. These cyclic climatic changes provide an important test case for the interaction between inorganic and biological processes in setting environmental conditions on Earth.

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